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Media Conversion Service

What Tee Support service can do for you ?

  1. Submit tech request and upload the media files to our server
  2. Download it once completely converted by our server
  3. Answer any file conversion questions and other related questions.

Why Use Tee Support Online Tech Services

Benefits make us confident:

  1. Fast, affordable and more convenient than in-store/onsite repair or service call
  2. Unlimited 24/7 online tech support; no appointment or waiting queue is necessary
  3. Our certified technicians use trusted lab-tested tools via chat or remote access anytime and anywhere
  4. Over 98% of our customers from over the world are satisfied and rate us as #1 trusted online tech support
  5. All services are covered by our money-back guarantee and only $0.27 per day for complete tech support
" Tee Support is the best providing professional services and the pricing is UNBELIEVABLE. All my home computers are well taken care. Well done. Check it out... - Gerald Woodson, NY "

Microsoft Certified Professionals

So far, 160,105 PCs have been remotely saved by Tee Support experts.
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I have no idea that Tee Support even existed. Your guys not only provide converting software for FREE on daily routine, but also online converting service. What amazes me most is that I don't even need any software any more. Just send the files to you and download them next day. Bravo! - Steve Carnier, Colombia, US
Thanks for your quick and useful support guys. Much appreciated. Your product is great and will definitely upgrade to the Pro plan if it's needed. - Shirley Whitted, San Diego, CA, US