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Tee Support Feature Tour

What is Tee Support?

Tee Support Feature Tour - What is Tee Support

Tee Support is #1 place to get IMMEDIATE live help with your computers, network and gadgets. It is designed to eliminate computer-related stress and keep millions of digitally dependent computer users and small businesses always protected and productive. At Tee Support, we work hard to earn your trust providing the result-oriented services and solutions, with which your tech problem will be perfectly fixed by our certified experts. You don't need to worry about how much the software costs and whether it works any more. You don't have any risk since you are served beforehand (30-day free trial) and paid afterward. You only need to pay $0.33 per day ( view Tee Support pricing plans ) to stay as a paid subscriber, who can send UNLIMITED tech requests and FREE licenses to use the provided tools anytime and anywhere. So give a try by signing up a FREE 30-day trial account now.

  • Unlimited 24/7 tech support; no appointment/waiting necessary
  • Solve all of the problems by experts via chat or remote access anytime and anywhere
  • Provide references/install FREE software or tools if necessary for the solved problem
  • No risk & cost-effective: 30-day free trial without paying anything and only $0.33 per day thereafter for complete tech support

How does Tee Support Work?

Tee Support Feature Tour - How Tee Support Works

1. Send your request

Sign up your Tee Support account and then send your request to the service center where the certified expert agent will analyze your PC problem.

2. Solve problem remotely

The certified expert agent will guide you through the process to uninstall the program completely or connect to your computer over the Internet with your approval and you will watch your problem being solved out of the box.

3. Done

Your computer is fixed, and your agent will leave you with the guide and install software if necessary (free to use during your subscription period) that will help you stay away from the problem from time to time.

Popular Tee Support Services

Tee Support provides all listed services for all of our users, such as Driver Update and Repair, Program Uninstall, Green PC Service, Data Backup/Recovery Service, PC Tune-up Service, Spyware and Virus Removal Service, Internet Security and Protection. Tee Support subscribers do not need to pay additional fees for the newly-added services and software. We are adding new services every month. View a complete list that we are currently serving at Tee Support Services.

Program Uninstall Service

Tee Support Microsoft certified agent fully analyze and manually uninstall any unwanted application and its associated files completely from your PC. Read more on Program Uninstall Service

Virus and Spyware Removal Service

Need help removing viruses or spyware from your computer? Let our certified agent detect and eliminate dangerous threats from your computer. Read more on Virus and Spyware Removal Service

PC Tune-up/Repair/Green PC Service

Tee Support certified agents fully diagnose, repair and optimize your computer speed and performance like a new one again. Read more on PC Tune-up/Repair Service

Device Driver Update/Troubleshooting Service

Tee Support certified agents troubleshoot your devices for any compatibility issues, update the device driver if available and repair the driver errors if necessary. Read more on Device Driver Update/Troubleshooting Service

Printers Setup/Troubleshooting Service

Tee Support certified agents helps you install or update software and printer drivers, check ink levels, and troubleshoot your printer if not working properly. Read more on Printers Setup/Troubleshooting Service

Microsoft Office/Email Setup Service

Tee Support provides help on using Microsoft Office and setting up your internet-based email account. Read more on Microsoft Office/Email Setup Service

Media Conversion Service

Tee Support provides tools and guides to convert any of your media files to the format you need. Read more on Media Conversion Service

Data Backup/Recovery Service

Need help backing up your data or recover the data you have deleted?
Our certified agent can solve your problem now! Read more on Data Backup/Recovery Service

Provided Free Software and Tools ($480 value)

Tee Support Client
Tee Support Partner Software (free for Tee Support subscriber)
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